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LEASE TERM: June 2020 through May 2021

  • Apartment tours are by appointment only.
  • Special tour showings may start as early as September 1st.
  • Regular tours start September 15th and typically running through mid-October or until apartments are no longer available.
  • Once you have requested your tour, be sure you and your roommates Apply for an apartment for first pick status.

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2 bedroom at 420 9th St N
3 bedroom at 221 9th St N
3 bedroom at 225 23rd St S
4 bedroom at 221 9th St N
4 bedroom at 420 9th St N
4 bedroom at 127 20th St S
4 bedroom at 2103 Cass St
5 bedroom at 410/412 9th St N
5 bedroom at 1100/1104 State St

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