Safety Information

In an effort to promote safety, following is information that you, as a tenant, should know.

Smoke Detectors in Your Apartment

SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES, DO NOT TAMPER WITH OR DISENGAGE. Test smoke detectors monthly by pressing & holding the test button until detector activates. Tenant shall either maintain the smoke detectors or send the landlord a Maintenance Request whenever a smoke detector is not functional. Maintenance shall include the provision of new batteries, as required.

Fire Extinguishers

In the event of a small fire use the fire extinguishers provided. Please familiarize yourself with the locations of the fire extinguishers. While using a fire extinguisher, always keep your back to an unobstructed exit & remember P-A-S-S.
P – Pull the pin to unlock the handle
A – Aim low at the base of the fire
S – Squeeze the handle
S – Sweep the extinguisher from side to side

and please…

Remember your apartment building or house is a SMOKE FREE building. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Do NOT smoke, use lighted candles, incense or other flammable objects within the apartment building or house.

Do NOT use charcoal or gas grilles closer than 10’ from the apartment building or house.

Do NOT keep Gasoline or other flammable liquids or gasses in or about the apartment building or house at any time.

Do NOT use electrical extension cords for other than temporary use.

Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED only (incandescent are NOT acceptable).

If you see anyone whose actions are causing unsafe or potentially damaging conditions, please call emergency personnel at 911 and contact us immediately.

Fire Detection & Alarm System (221 9th St N apartments only)

Your apartment smoke detectors are separate from the building’s fire alarm system. If there is non-emergency smoke (i.e. burnt pizza) within your apartment, open windows to clear the smoke. DO NOT open your apartment door to clear smoke. Smoke entering the hallway will activate the building’s fire alarm system notifying the fire department, creating a false alarm situation.

In the event of a fire that is out of control or if the room is filled with smoke, leave immediately, activating the fire alarm pull station as you exit the building. Please familiarize yourself with the locations of the fire alarm pull stations. Upon activation of the fire alarm by either the pull stations or the common areas smoke detectors, an audible alarm will activate throughout the entire building and the monitoring service will alert the fire department.

Stairway Fire Doors (221 9th St N apartments only)

The stairway fire doors shall be kept shut and latched at all times for fire safety reasons and your own security.

Please note that the building’s front and rear exterior doors are locked by a timer from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM.