Permit Parking

Only tenant vehicles with properly displayed valid parking permit & registered with landlord are allowed in the designated parking spaces from September 1st through the end of lease term (this includes motorcycles & mopeds. Mopeds without permits may be parked in the exterior bike area). Permits are limited to one licensed running vehicle per bedroom. To obtain a parking permit, register your vehicle by completing the Vehicle Registration section of the Tenant Info Update form. A permit will then be delivered or mailed to you. Allow one week for delivery. Clean your windshield for proper adhesion to inside surface. Display your parking permit so it is readily visible in vehicle’s driver’s side front upper windshield (do not place permit in tint band. A permit in tint band is not readily visible).

If your permit is lost or destroyed a replacement permit is available for a $30 fee. If you temporarily or permanently change vehicles, register your new vehicle and remember to transfer your permit to your new vehicle. Vehicles without properly displayed permits, not registered with landlord or not parked in designated parking spaces may be ticketed & towed.

Permits do not guarantee a parking spot. Parking is on a first come first served basis. Permit parking is not required for tenant vehicles from June through August.

If you see a vehicle without a permit in the parking area please complete the Vehicle Complaint form so we may take appropriate action.

Parker Properties & Development LLC is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damage to vehicles or personal property.

For street parking information see the City of La Crosse website.