Move Out Reminders

As the last day of your apartment lease is approaching on May 23, there are some things to keep in mind while moving out to avoid incurring costs that would be deducted from your security deposit.

Clean your apartment

All surfaces within your apartment shall be clean and free of debris, stains and damage. Such surfaces include but are not limited to, flooring, walls, doors, windows, shelving, appliances, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and bathroom fixtures. We will use this Cleaning Sheet (pdf) after you move out. Use it as a guide for your cleaning to make it easier to know what we expect on your move-out.

Pay special attention to the inside, under and behind of the stove, refrigerator, shower & toilets as these often need additional care to clean when moving out. You may find it’s easier to replace the drip pans under the stove burners (less than $5 at Menard’s) than taking the time to clean them. Also remember to pull the refrigerator out to clean behind. Make sure all the shelves in the cabinets are free of items and wiped clean. Tile floors shall be swept & mopped. Carpets shall be vacuumed and we recommend renting a carpet-cleaning machine to remove any stains.

If all surfaces are not clean and free of debris, stains or damage, Tenant shall pay for costs of cleaning at a rate of $30 per man-hour and repair at $60 per man-hour plus materials cost. Cleaning the apartment is important, so please make sure your roommates are cleaning their space.


As you’re moving out please consider donating reusable items to help people in need & to help reduce landfill (reuse is the greatest way to recycle).

Donate furniture & household items to:
Goodwill Onalaska
Goodwill La Crosse
Habitat for Humanity Restore

Donate unopened food items & hygiene products to:
Hunger Task Force

Trash & recycling

Please review Disposal Guidelines.

Remember all furniture & other large items from your apartment (such as couches, chairs, mattresses, desks, tables, bicycles, etc.) must be moved completely off site. They may be taken to or scheduled for pickup by Harter’s Quick Clean-up. If items are left on the property, Tenant shall pay for the actual cost of removing & disposing of such items.


All keys shall be turned over to landlord. If keys are lost or otherwise not returned, Tenant shall pay for costs of replacing all non-returned keys at $30 per key and $100 per lockset for re-keying apartment entry doors locks. When you move out, please leave your keys (apartment, bedrooms & mail if applicable) on the kitchen counter and lock the door as you leave.

Light bulbs

All non-working light bulbs shall be replaced with compact fluorescent or LED (incandescent are NOT acceptable).

Security Deposit Return

We want to return to you as much of your security deposit as possible, so please follow the above recommendations so we can do that. A good faith effort on your part does make a difference. Security deposits are returned in a one lump sum check payable to the tenant designated on the lease. If you are the designated tenant, let us know where to send your security deposit return by completing the Security Deposit Return Address section of the Tenant Info Update form.

Change of Address

Be sure to let the post office, family, friends, school and businesses know your change of address. The Post Office will forward mail for a short period of time if you complete a change of address form found online at

Exit Survey

Please complete the anonymous Tenant Exit Survey so we can better serve our tenants.

Thank you and good luck in the future.

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