Move In Information

We look forward to having you make our apartments your home over the coming year. As the June 1st lease start date approaches we want to give you the information that will help your move in go as smooth as possible.

First & last month’s rent

You must contact the Landlord for Landlord initiated ACH, 45 days prior to the first day of Term to start making automatic payments. Automatic payments will only be set up for the apartment’s full rent amount with only one designated tenant/account holder. Please coordinate with your roommates so that the account balance is sufficient that the apartment’s full automatic rent payment will successfully transact from the one designated tenant/account holder’s account per schedule. Full last month’s (May at end of lease term) rent will be scheduled prior to start of lease term on or about May 1st and full first month’s (June at the start of lease term) rent will be scheduled on or about June 1st with the remainder of the monthly rent in the lease term to be scheduled on or about the 1st of each month. For more information go to How to Pay Rent.

Monthly rent NOT paid in full by lump sum by Landlord initiated ACH shall be subject to a $30 processing fee. Unless your apartment has set up automatic rent payments using our ACH Authorization Form, please coordinate with your roommates ahead of time, so that the full first & last months’ rent is paid in full, by single check, on or before your move-in day. Your keys cannot be picked-up until the entire first & last months’ rent has been received. Late fees apply after June 1st. For more information go to How to Pay Rent.


Contact us to schedule your appointment to pick up your keys at your apartment between noon and 5:00 pm on May 31st or between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on June 1st. Only one appointment per apartment (ALL keys are turned over to one or more tenants at the scheduled appointment time, so coordinated with your roommates to get your key if you are not at the appointment). If you or your roommates are unable to pick up keys at those dates & times, please make arrangements, well in advance, to pick up your keys in Tomah, Wisconsin. As soon as you have your keys, you may move into your apartment.

Early move-in option

To help our tenants whose circumstances would benefit from an earlier move in date than noon on May 31st, for some apartments we offer an “as-is early move in” that upon approval (along with a completed & signed Early Move In Agreement (pdf) & $120 fee), move in could be as early as 10:00 am on May 26th.

Upon request we will email you your Early Move In Agreement so if you would like an early move-in, be sure to CONTACT US ASAP so your completed and signed (by all tenants) agreement and fee is received in our office ON OR BEFORE MAY 10th. Not available for all apartments.

Please note that full first and last months’ rent is due on or before the move in date.

Apartment Information

Please take time to review important information regarding your apartment at Tenant Resources.

Your Information

Please complete our Tenant Info Update form with your current information. All of our official correspondence is sent via email so please check that is not flagged as spam in your email filters

Check in Sheet

Use this Check In Sheet (pdf) that will guide you through inspecting & reporting of the conditions of your apartment at move in. You have until the 8th day of the Lease Term to notify us of existing damage or defects.


We will set up utility services at the beginning of the Lease Term with the exception of TV/Internet. For TV/Internet contact Charter Spectrum directly.

If you’re moving into 221 9th St N apartments, you will have free guest WiFi access. At move-in we will provide you with your wireless network name and password.


Be sure to let the post office, family, friends, school and businesses know your change of address including apartment number.

Post office change of address forms can be found at

Thank for your attention to these matters and we look forward to seeing you.

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