Disposal Guidelines

Please donate reusable items to help people in need & reduce landfill (reuse is the greatest way to recycle). These are also great places to purchase things you may want or need.

Donate furniture & household items to:

Goodwill Onalaska
Goodwill La Crosse
Habitat for Humanity Restore

Donate unopened food items & hygiene products to:

Hunger Task Force

Do NOT place the following in dumpster or trash containers:

Hazardous materials such as lighter fluid, paint, antifreeze, brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, solvents, or other toxic, corrosive, explosive, or highly combustible materials may be taken to La Crosse County’s Household Hazardous Waste Materials Facility for proper disposal.
Electronics (computers, printers, televisions, etc.), appliances (such as microwaves, mini-frig, etc.), rechargeable batteries & compact fluorescent light bulbs may be taken to Harter’s Quick Clean-up for recycling.
Furniture & other large items (such as couches, chairs, mattresses, desks, tables, bicycles, etc.) may be taken to or scheduled for pickup by Harter’s Quick Clean-up.
• Clean & empty glass bottles, jars, tin cans, aluminum cans, #1 thru #7 plastics, flattened cardboard, magazines, newspaper, office paper shall be placed in the onsite recycling container. Please note that light bulbs, dishes, glassware, window glass, mirrors, ceramics, foil or pie plates, waxed boxes, plastic wrap, paper plates are not recyclable and must be placed in dumpster or trash containers.


For more complete details on refuse & recycling contact:
City of La Crosse
La Crosse County
Harter’s Quick Clean-up